GMIC 2011 Wrap Up

The Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) concluded on April 28th after 3 days of exciting events.  Our first year hosting the conference at the Chinese National Convention Center turned out to be an amazing event featuring 4 stages: the main GMIC executive stage, the G-Startup competition stage and 2 appSpace stages for developers. Additionally, there was plenty of space for the 67 exbibitors to show off their innovative apps and products. Turn out for the conference was well beyond anyone’s expectations, reaching 3,281 total attendees!  There were exciting announcements and interesting insights given by our 123 speakers – a taste of the event courtesy of some of our media coverage follows.

StatisticsVIP DINNER

John Liu of Google

Dinner Discussion Panel

  • Strategy Reevaluation Needed for Groupon – TechCrunch
  • Glass Ceiling for Foreign Tech Companies – TechRice
  • Intellectual Property Protection in China – Penn Olson


Charles Chao of Sina

Peter Vesterbacka of Rovio

Niklas Zennstroem of Atomico

  • Skype Founder Likes China for technology investments - Bloomberg

Phil Kemp of Nokia

  • Rural China is a Growing Target – PCWorld

Brewer Stone of Pacific Crest

  • IPO Surge Has Caused a Need to Hire More Bankers - Bloomberg

Wang Jian of Alibaba

NetDragon and DeNA

  • Mobile Games Partnership Announcement – TMC Net

Yu Yongfu of UC Mobile


Live Event Blog


20 startups from 9 countries were pre-selected to pitch their startup to a panel of respected venture capitalists and angel investors. Winners from two categories, Early-Stage Startups and Growth-Stage startups, were announced on April 27, 2011. G-Startup is hosted by GMIC and held in collaboration with Innovation Works, Chinaccelerator, and Plug and Play Tech Center.

  • China’s Tech Gurus Pick Hottest Early-stage Startups - Venturebeat
  • How to Go from an Idea to your First Investment – Penn Olson
  • Indoor Location Position via Mobile Phones is Here – VentureBeat

Seed/Early-Stage Winners:

1st Place Winner: SmarTots - China

SSmartotsmarTots is a mobile education platform for children aged 2-7. It brings together educators, parents, and developers to create an interactive, fun, and manageable learning experience for kids through mobile apps.  SmarTots strives to unlock the true educational value of mobile devices by providing parents with reports, parental tools and personalized recommendations across many hardware and software ecosystems.

2nd Place Runner Up: Kwestr - China
KwestrKwestr makes accomplishing goals social and fun. We do this by creating a social enabled narrative game layer on any event, thing or experience that you can do or dream up from practicing how to recycle paper to being a cool dad for a day. We give you badges for accomplishing your goals in a step by step manner while letting your friends be part of your journey to cheer and support you. You can try doing some of the Kwests that we make or you can create your own and challenge yourself or your friends to do it.

Growth-Stage Winners:

1st Place Winner:  Word Engine - Japan

Wrod EngineWord Engine is the fastest way to permanently memorize up to 99% of all the vocabulary required for important subjects. Word Engine is fast, inexpensive and mobile, offering vocabulary courses for test preparation and special business needs.  Word Engine is a proven scientific solution already in use at hundreds of universities and multinational corporations around the world. We very much look forward to entering the China market.


2nd Place Runner Up: 个信 - China


Gexin Hudong was founded at Jul., 2010, with 60 staff, among them 11 are high-tech developer with masters degree. Gexin was designed to focus on the wireless internet app developing, its first product Gexin is a PIM based SNS push channel, and is able to send free SMS.

Thanks to all the sponsor, partners, speakers, staff , volunteers and participants  that made GMIC 2011 possible! See you all next year at GMIC 2012!

Congratulations! G-Startup 2011 Competitors Announced!

Startup Competition GMIC 2010
Innovation Works PartnerChinaccelerator PartnerPlug and Play Tech Center Partner
Partners: G-Startup is proud to partner with Innovation Works, Chinaccelerator,
Plug and Play Tech Center.

Congratulations! G-Startup 2011 Competitors Announced!

This year's G-Startup Competition 2011 participants have been announced! After a long and ardous review process with our partners Chinaccelerator, Innovation Works, and Plug and Play Tech Center, we have finally selected the following startups for this year's G-Startup Competition 2011. Without further ado, the selected startups for G-Startup 2011 are:

Selected Seed/Early-Stage Startups:

云信达 - China
BookRice - Hong Kong
RedSparro - Singapore
Wiselinc Technologies - China
Sassor - Japan
SmarTots - China
MobileApps - Singapore
Fonaja - Indonesia
Kwestr - China

Selected Growth-Stage Startups:

Qubulus - Sweden
Stream Media Pte Ltd - Singapore
SpeakingPal Ltd - Israel
个信- China
Nobot Inc. - Japan
Mobimedia Inc - Canada
Word Engine - Japan
KAI Square - Singapore
Tagattitude - France
Smoov - Singapore

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Yuri Milner - To Change Investing Rules in Asia?

If one year ago you said you hadn’t heard of Russian Internet holding company Digital Sky Technologies (DST), you wouldn’t be alone. But in May of 2009, DST took the tech industry by storm with a $200 million investment in Facebook (giving the company an unprecedented $10billion valuation) which was considered insane by the majority of investors at the time. But now with that investment reaping multifold returns, Yuri is looking increasingly prescient. Since then, he has followed up with other equally huge and successful investments in Zynga, Groupon, and another in Facebook, making DST one of the most powerful VC organizations in the world in just a short period of time.

Recently, Yuri dropped another bomb on the tech scene this past January. He announcement that he and Ron Conway will be investing $150,000 in every Y Combinator (YC) startup on a no-discount, no-cap convertible loan. This investment essentially provides YC startups money up-front, a move that is founded on the bet that the vetting process to enter YC will produce enough high quality companies to give him lucrative returns on at least a few of those investments. Accompanied by his “hands-off” approach, Yuri’s investment model has caught on rapidly and has seriously shaken up how seed-level investment is done in Silicon Valley.

Now, Yuri is taking initial steps in yet another arena, China. He will be attending the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing on April 27th to 28th and plans to share his thoughts and insights on his untraditional investment philosophy. This move will also put him face-to-face with Asia's most powerful technology leaders such as Pony Ma, Yoshikazu Tanaka, Joe Chen, and Charles Chao. Part of the focus of the conference is a closed-door, invitation only, "G20" meeting where these CEOs and other key leaders of mobile technology will discuss the industry and where they should direct it. Milner’s influence on the Internet industry is unprecedented, and the ramifications of his presence at the conference may change the landscape of the mobile Internet industry in Asia as we currently understand it.





G-Startup Competition - Prizes Announced and Up For Grabs!

Startup Competition GMIC 2010

We've been working hard to bring you a great program for our second annual G-Startup 2011 Competition, which will host the 12 most innovative mobile Internet startups from around the globe battle it out for the top place, with prizes to walk away with! Check out the G-Startup Competition here!

Innovation Works Partner Chinaccelerator PartnerPlug and Play Tech Center Partner


Apply Now - Deadline Extended to March 21st

The G-Startup application deadline has been extended a week to March 21st in light of these new developments. Head over to the G-Startup Competition page and apply for pre-selection. Don't miss this chance to take your startup to the next level with G-Startup! Apply Now!

Seed/Early-Stage Prizes:

G-Startup is proud to partner with China's two most prestegious incubation programs, Innovation Works and Chinaccelerator, who are offering up placement in their next batch of invites for their respective incubation programs. Each program includes seed funding and a startup Bootcamp program to equip young startups with the training and knowledge to help bring their startups to the next level!

Innovation Works - Jump Start Program
Innovation Works Partner

Innovation Works' Jump Start Program is a rigorous three month program in Beijing’s Zhongguancun area, China’s prime technology start-up ecosystem and China's "Silicon Valley".

Innovation Works Jump Start Program Highlights

- Mentoring and training through the start-up basics:
how to build your team, preparing your
business plan, start-up finance essentials, product development
fundamentals, and more!
- Access to Innovation Works' HR database of engineer interns’ pool, to accelerate your initial product development.
- Guidance on company registration, UI/UX and product reviews, initial market research, etc.
- Mentoring sessions from distinguished guests and local and international experts.
- Following “graduation” from the program, startups will be eligible for Innovation Works' 6 month Acceleration program.
- Be inducted into the exclusive Innovation Works start-up community, and continue to benefit from Innovation Works' network, and supporting activities post-graduation.


Chinaccelerator - Acceleration Program
Innovation Works Partner

Chinaccelerator's Acceleration Program runs for four months at the Ascendas IT Park, in the High Tech Zone of Dalian, Liaoning. Who would have thought you could enjoy the sun, sea and mountains while cranking on your new venture?

Chinaccelerator Program Highlights

- Help in finding accomodations and assistance in 'startup life'.
- 10,000 CNY per founder (for 3 founders at max).
- Extra budget of 10,000 CNY per company (for research, sales, marketing, product development, etc...).
- Access to Innovation Works' HR database of engineer interns’ pool, to accelerate your initial product development.
- Intense mentorship from an international team.
- Free space, computer and even some food.
- A chance to pitch investors; At least two of the graduate companies
will be awarded term sheets valuing their businesses at 1.5 Million RMB
or higher; one will receive funding of at least 500k CNY and the other will receive 1 Million RMB in funding commitments from
Chinaccelerator affiliated venture capitalists at the end of the
*See Chinaccelerator's program page for terms


Growth Stage Prize:

G-Startup is partnering with Silicon Valley based Plug and Play Tech Center, which offers a promising landing pad and acceleration program for the top international startups looking to establishing themselves in Silicon Valley.

Plug and Play Startup Acceleration Program
Innovation Works Partner

Plug and Play Startup Acceleration Program is a three month program designed to provide international startups that already have some traction in their domestic markets, and are looking at possible US and global
expansion, a structured way of accessing the resources of Silicon Valley!

Plug and Play Startup Acceleration Program Highlights

- Silicon Valley Immersion Workshop to introduce entrepreneurs to the Silicon Valley ecosystem and business environment.
- Plug and Play Accelerator
- Coaching and mentoring opportunities
- Fund-raising opportunities
- Direct introductions to VCs
- Business development opportunities
- Networking events
- Opportunity to take part in Plug and Play's Investment Forums (EXPO and iEXPO)


Apply Now - Deadline Extended to March 21st

The G-Startup application deadline has been extended a week to March 21st in light of these new developments. Head over to the G-Startup Competition page and apply for pre-selection. Don't miss this chance to take your startup to the next level with G-Startup! Apply Now!

"Angry Birds" Flying to China

The following is a guest post from the Great Wall Club's mobiSights blog. Make sure you bookmark the blog for the latest analysis, reports, and breaking news on the mobile Internet industry.

If you haven’t heard of the hit puzzle game “Angry Birds” then it’s very likely you have been spending a lot of time under a rock somewhere, as it’s taking the world by storm. Angry Birds was developed by Finland based developer, Rovio, founded in 2003 by Niklas Hed, Jarno Väkeväinen, and Kim Dikert, and is one of Europe’s leading independent developers of wireless games with an ever-growing portfolio of award-winning titles.

Since its release for Apple’s iOS devices in December 2009, over 50 million copies of Angry Birds have been downloaded, and versions have appeared for other touchscreen-based smartphones and tablets.

The widespread success of Angry Birds owes itself to the meticulous planning of game dynamics and attention to detail of Rovio. By making the game simultaneously fun and simple to play, Rovio has found a winning combination, of an internationally accessible and relevant game, to both casual and hardcore gamers.

The once unknown company was instantly launched to stardom with the success of Angry Birds. Some of the company’s successes and record setting achievements through the game include being the top selling paid Apple Store app in both the US and UK in February 2010, just two months after the game’s launch, and receiving over 1 million downloads within 24 hours of its launch on Android. Moreover, the game has held the #1 spot in the US Apple Store since Spring 2010 (with other apps beating it out for short periods on occasion). Now Rovio has turned Angry birds into a full fledged brand, with various Angry Bird paraphernalia available for sale, and even a movie planned for late 2011.

Having conquered much of the western world, Rovio now seeks to gain a stronger talon-hold in Asia. Rovio’s very own Mighty Eagle, Peter Vesterbacka, will be flying to Beijing to speak at the Global Mobile Internet Conference from April 27th-28th, and has specifically voiced interest, to the Great Wall Club, in meeting with some of their member organizations at the Conference. Tentatively, Rovio will be meeting the major players in mobile and Internet, such as, RenRen, Baidu, and Tencent, among others, as well as with the top 3 mobile operators in China.

The mobile gaming space is heating up, and with Tencent’s recent investments and acquisitions making waves in the past month with their purchase of US based Riot games, it's not unlikely to see more investments or acquisitions from Chinese Internet players of US gaming comapanies. 

As Angry Birds flies to China, there are three main platforms they could land on: Mobile Operators, Handset Makers, 3rd Party Platforms (RenRen, KaiXin, 91, etc).

Opening it up to our readers, we're interested to hear what possible partnerships you see developing from Rovio's interest in China and China's mobile and Internet platforms, and what topics you want to hear from Rovio's Mighty Eagle, Peter Vesterbacka at GMIC 2011?




GREE Invests in Mig33

Mig33, a mobile social networking service based purely on the mobile platform recently closed its third round of funding, raising $8.9million from Japan’s GREE and an Indonesian entrepreneur1,2. What’s interesting to note on Mig33 and GREE’s relationship is that they were participants on the same panel at last year’s GMIC 2010- It’s even rumored that both were first introduced on the GMIC 2010 stage. 

Mig33 plans to use the money to expand its growth as a social entertainment service on mobile phones in emerging markets such as Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe, where users are buying feature phones as their primary mobile devices; an unusual concept in a time when the latest buzz is filled with the topics of ‘4G’, smartphones, and tablet devices. Still, Mig33’s platform supports social networking, entertainment, and gaming, as well as standard calling features and they hope to win big by betting on the huge feature-phone market in the emerging markets. To get some perspective, since iPhone’s launch in 2007, only 73.5 million devices were sold by the end of the 2010 fiscal year, likewise, since BlackBerry’s first smartphone in 2002, only up to 100 million devices have been sold3, 4. On the contrary, the best selling consumer electronics device in the world to date is the Nokia 1100 feature phone, which has sold over 250 million devices since it’s launch in 20035, 6.


GREE will be in attendance for GMIC 2011 with CEO, Yoshikazu Tanaka speaking at the conference. To learn more about speakers visit the speaker page here.









G-Start 2010 Update - Polar Rose Acquired by Apple

As we gear up for the 2011 Global Mobile Internet Conference, we find ourselves frequently looking back on last year’s GMIC2010 to figure out what worked and what didn’t.

One of the most successful events of last year’s conference was the Innovation Show Startup Competition. The event attracted 20 promising startups that competed for bragging rights and the opportunity to receive invaluable insight from prominent investors and industry leaders. The quality and passion of the young businesses made the competition all the more interesting and added a unique energy to the atmosphere of the event.

One startup that presented in the GMIC2010 startup competition stage has gone on to build much more.

Last year, a Swedish startup, Polar Rose, presented its computer vision technology which allows users to sort, search, and share their digital photos based on their photo content. Polar Rose’s presentation left a strong impression on the GMIC audience, and must have been equally impressive to Apple execs, as the company has paid out $29mil to take over Polar Rose’s entire shareholding.1

This acquisition is a great win for the Polar Rose team and we are happy to have had them share their vision on stage with us.

Congratulations to Polar Rose! We look forward to seeing how you build out your technology in the future.


Are you a passionate startup with big goals and deserving of attention? Show us the best your company has to offer by participating in our startup competition! Check here for more info and sign-up form.


1.TechCrunch -

GWC Member Sky-Mobi to IPO

Every year The Global Mobile Internet Conference invites technology companies from around the globe, to come learn and share the latest developments of the mobile internet industry. The relationships formed at GMIC are representative of the central role we hope to establish in connecting the mobile internet community in China and around the world. Often, we are impressed by the connections we are able to make with some of the attending companies; this is especially true when one is successful.

Earlier this month, Sky-Mobi, a GWC member and GMIC2010 attendee, filed with U.S regulators to sell an estimated $150 million of American depositary shares on the Nasdaq Global Market under the symbol "MOBI." 1

Sky-mobi operates the popular mobile-app store “Maopao”, where users can browse, download and purchase a wide range of applications and content like single-player games, mobile music and books. From 2007 to the end of September, Maopao had approximately 479 million cumulative users while offering more than 770 applications and 61,000 titles2. The success of the “MaoPao” online store has helped make Sky-Mobi the leading app provider in China, and was a major catalyst in its now imminent IPO.

At the Global Mobile Internet Conference we reach out and connect with numerous companies with the same level of potential and influence in the mobile industry as Sky-Mobi. As we continue to develop the event we hope to hear more future success stories from our member organizations.

Congratulations to Sky-Mobi, we wish them continued success!


Are you a hungry startup with big, Sky-Mobi like aspirations? Show us the best your company has to offer by participating in our “Innovation Show” startup competition! Check here for more info and sign-up form.

For Sponsorship & Exhibition.



1. BusinessWeek -

2. Total Telecom -

Tencent CEO, Pony Ma as GMIC2011 Keynote Speaker - Speaker Update

As the leading event covering the mobile internet industry in China, The Global Mobile Internet Conference 2011, on April 27th-April 28th 2011, aims to continuously bring you the best content and speakers. We hope every moment of the event provides an opportunity for you to build your knowledge of the industry and increases the value of the conference for you. This commitment to delivering great content is one reason why we are so excited to announce some of our latest confirmed speakers for GMIC 2011:

Pony Ma, CEO of Tencent.
The 3rd largest Internet company in the world in terms of market cap with over 400 million active accounts, 1.8 billion USD in revenue and a 40% net profit, with over 90% of revenue directly from users.

Lei Jun, Angel Investor.
After a successful career as CEO of Kingsoft Lei Jun has made several angel investments, most notably VANCL, Joyo, and UC Mobile.

Charles Chao, CEO of Sina.
China's leading Internet portal, running the most influential "Twitter"-like service with over 50 million subscribers.

Takeshi Natsuno, i-mode Inventor.
Founded in 1999 and growing to 50 million subscribers by Oct 2010, I-mode is the most successful mobile internet business model driven by a mobile operator.

Joe Chen, CEO of
With nearly 80million subscribers and breaking even in August, is one of China's leading SNS's.

Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera.
Lars has extensive sales and BD experience from the global IT and telecomm industries. At Opera he served as Executive VP of Sales and Marketing, from 2000 to 2005 before becoming CEO.


These speakers represent the mobile industry leaders who are greatly influencing the direction of the industry in China and abroad. We hope this announcement excites you as much as it does us!

Register now and get a 50% discounted Early-Bird ticket to GMIC 2011.
Promotion ends at the end of December.

Watch this blog to hear more about future speaker updates.